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One Rupee a Day Mahithi Thana



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To earn 1 Rupee a day from the Mahithi Thana website, follow these steps:

  • • Log in to your account. If you haven't registered before, sign up and then log in.
  • • After logging in, read more than 5 blogs on Mahithi Thana.
  • • For each blog you read, an amount will be credited to your payment section.
  • • After reading 5 or more blogs, 1 Rs will be credited to your payment section.
  • • The next day, log in again, read more than 5 blogs, and 1 Rs will be added to your payment section for that day.

Please note that this information is not fake. Kindly share it with your family and friends. This will help us create more strategies like this in the future.

Mahithi Thana

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