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Powerful Dictators of World



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powerful dictators of world

Rise of itler(Germany)

The situations that resulted after First World War brought into existence dictators like Hitler in Germany. Hitler first became the Chancellor and, subsequently, after the death of Hindenburg, became a dictator. By the time Hitler assumed power, communists and socialists had grown powerful in Germany. Against this backdrop, gaining the support of industrialists, Hitler suppressed the communist and socialist. He banned labor unions and political parties.He declared that Nazi was the only political party.

The nazi philosophy

Hitler planted speculative thoughts and the fear that Jews would control the world, in the mind of Germans, and created a fear psychosis. He declared that the German Aryan race was the best in the world. To propagate all this, Hitler adopted Nazi philosophy. The gift of Nazi philosophy is: The best race in the world is the Aryan race. Only Germans are eligible to rule the world. All other communities are eligible only to be ruled.

Jews are responsible for all the problems of Germans. In addition to Jews, Communists, Catholists, and Socialists are also responsible. These people are unfit to exist. This sort of intense nationalism was put into practice in the cruelest manner. To spread racial hatred, He appointed a special minister called Goebels. He organised an outfit caller ‘Brown Shirts’ to create unrest and fear in minds of people.

In this direction, the mass murders and massacres have become most infamous in history. As per an estimate he was responsible for the death of 6 million Jews and over a crore of other civilians. His mass massacres was called ‘Holocaust’.

He enacted his rules of 1934 called the Nuremberg Laws. He imprisoned people in gas chambers without light or ventilation, without giving them food or water. He made them work like slaves in concentration camp. He indulged in mass killings by using poisonous gas and mass shooting. He designed ways of killing people irrespective or whether they were children, women or old people. He employed is dictatorial power for mass massacres. The ambition to win the entire world and popularize the Aryan race was one of the reasons for the Second World War. Hitler and is racial hatred ended with his death.

Rise of mussolini(Italy)

The social movements, repercussions of First world war and the Russian Revolution led to the emergence of parallel political force with Mussolini's fascism. Intense nationalistic attitude, destruction of enemies, glorificance of violence, racial supremacy, imparalistic expansion, support to massacres were the main features of Fascism.

The fascism philosophy

The Prime Minister of Italy from 1922-1943 was the founder of ‘National Fascist Party’. In 1925, he dismissed the democratic government and legally assumed dictatorship. With the support of his secret police, he destroyed all his political opponents. He prohibited all labour strikes. He become a dictator. Joining hands with Hitler, he became responsible for the death of people. He was assassinated in 1945.

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