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UN Specialized agencies



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un specialized agencies

1. Agencies of UN


1. FAO(Food and Agriculture organization)

Its intension is to fight against poverty, hunger and mal-nutrition all over the world .FAO was started in 1945 . Its aims are to improve in agriculture, provision of more Nutritious food, Liberation of people from hunger, Improvement of living conditions of people. Its Head Quarter in Rome.

2. WHO(World Health Organization)

Its intension is to protect and to improve health of mankind. It was established in 1948. WHO strives to eradicate epidemics like cholera, plague, malaria, small fox etc.. It fights against AIDS, cancer and health hazards. WHO is successful in eradicating small fox. Its Head quarter is in Geneva of Switzerland.

3. UNESCO(United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization)

It was established in 1946 and its head quarters is in Paris. It deals with the promotion of science, education and culture throughout the globe. It aims at development of technical education, information technology, creative mental and environment studies. UNESCO assists state and non-state institution all over the world.

4. UNICEF(United Nations Children's Emergency Fund)

It came into existence in the year 1946 to look after the welfare of children. Later in 1957 it became a permanent institution. It objective is to provide favorable condition to women and children. It consist of 30 members. In 1965 UNICEF won Nobel prize. It is a popular humanitarian organization.

5. IMF(International Monetary Fund)

It is a global financial institution established in 1945. Its Head quarter is in Washington. It aims at solving international economic problems. It strives to promote world trade. It consists of Board of Governors, Executive director and Managing Director. It is described as Central bank of Central banks of different nations.

6. IBRD(International Bank of Reconstruction and development)

It is known as World Bank established in 1947. Its Head quarter is in Washington. It extends huge loan facilities to all the needy member states for development of agriculture, industry, transport. It promote World trade. IBRD is very useful for financial assistance of developing countries. It consists of Board of Governors, There Executive director and the President.

7. UNCTAD(United Nations Conference on trade and development)

It is concerned with promotion of global level trade and Commerce. It strives for smooth international trade by providing technical assistant. It intends to economic progress of the Family of nation's.

8. ILO(International Labour Organization)

It is mainly aiming at welfare of working class class. It's headquarter is in Switzerland. Every Nation sends to representatives. One from labour class and other from management. Issues like social security, protection from health hazards etc.. of working class come under this.

9. WTO(World Trade Organization)

It is established on 1st January 1995. All the member states have signed an agreement called GATT. It functions along with the World Bank formulating policies on international trade and Commerce. It is regarded as third economic pillar of World Trade and commerce along with IMF and IBRD.

2. Achievements of UNO

1. Peace keeping operations

UNO has dealt with large number of political disputes. The operations undertaken by UN were either through observer groups to supervise ceasefire or military force. The disputes of Suez canal, Iran, Indonesia, Greece, Kashmir, Palestine, Korea, Hungary, Congo, Cyprus, Arab-Israel, Namibia, Afghanistan are to be mentioned which have been dealt by UN. It is to be observed that in post cold war, the UN could play effective role in maintenance of world peace.

2. Economic and financial achievements

The Preamble of UNO proclaims to promote social progress and better standards of life.Under The GATT. UN has encouraged International cooperation in economic and financial fields. The UNDP is mentioned under this category. Various schemes have been launched by special agencies of UN.

3. Social achievements

A number of educational Health welfare schemes like WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNHCR etc. have been implemented. The universal declaration of Human Rights is great achievement. It also disencouraged the racial discrimination, colonialism, imperalism can be traced to a large extent.

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