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United Nation Organization



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united nation organization

1. When does UNO established?

After the first world war, Leagues of Nations was established to maintain peace in world. But, It failed as the Second World War began. To establish peace with power UNO established by the leaders like Winston Churchill of England, Joseph Stalin of Russia and Franklin D Roosevelt of America and it came into force on 1 January 1942 signed by 26 countries, Now it has 193 member and its headquarter is in New York.

2. What are the aims and objectives of UNO?

  • • To maintain international peace and security.
  • • To develop friendly relations among nations.
  • • To establish faith in fundamental human rights.
  • • To achieve international cooperation in solving international disputes.
  • • To establish international justice and respect.

3. What are the organs of UNO?

The UNO has six(6) organs . They are General Assembly, Security council, Economic and Social council, Trusteeship council, International Court of Justice and the Secretariat.

4. Functions of the organs of UNO

1. General Assembly

It is the general body consisting all the members of UN. Each country have only single vote. It also elects 17 vice presidents and 7 chairmen for the 7 standing committees. It session normally commences in September and lasts until mid December. A two third voting is required on all important questions. Annual budget is approved by General Assembly.

2. Security council

It is the most powerful organ. It consists of 15 members out of which 5 nations - USA, USSR (Russia), UK ,France and Chinna are the permanent members and other are non-permanent members. The non-permanent members are elected for a term of 2 years. Each members has one single vote. The support of all permanent members is required for any decisions. It solves international disputes through peaceful means. It directs UN peace keeping force for international peace and security. It elects the judges of International court of Justice and recommends the name for the post of Security General.

3. Economic and Social council

It consists of 54 members. 18 members of council is elected each year for term of 3 years. The council elects a president among its members. Now recently 17 members have been included to this council. Its functions are,

  • • To study and report about international economic, social, cultural, educational, health and related matters.
  • • It recommends for observance of human rights and fundamental freedom.
  • • It convened international conference pertaining to human resources,culture, education etc.
  • • It coordinates the work of specialized agencies like ILO, FAO, WHO etc.

4. Trusteeship council

The council actually works as an auxiliary or assisting organ of General Assembly. As the number of Trust territories and administrating nations has decreased. The council had become smaller. It has to look after small territories having no state hood.

5. International Court of Justice

It is the principal judicial organ of UN. It consists of 15 judges elected for a term of 9 years and eligible for re-election. Its permanent seat is in Hague of Netherland. It elects its own President and Vice President for term of 3 years. The court takes decisions on majority basis. Along with judgments on international disputes. The court has contributed towards international peace and security.

6. The Secretariat

It consists the Secretary General and stall of UN. Secretary General is the chief administrative officer of organisation who is appointed by General Assembly on recommendation of Security council for five year. The Secretariat is located at the headquarter of UN in New York having branches in Geneva,Vienna and Nairobi. The present UN secretaries general is Antonio Guterres.

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