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Mahithi Thana

Hi, in this website we upload blogs on Tips, Mysteries, Health, Movies and more. Stay informative with Mahithi Thana.Subscribe so you never miss another update.

Mahithi Thana is the website created by people of Info Mind Kannada and more. To provide valuable blogs to Viewers in Kannada. Mahithi Thana started on 20 July 2021. We will add more features to our Registered Users in upcoming days.

About Info Mind

Info Mind Started in the Year 2018.

Our Journey...

Info Mind steated in 09 October 2018 with a new Gmail account. We just started a YouTube Channel at that time. So that we can grow in that platform. First we used to make videos in English Language. But after 2 months we realize making videos in our Kannada Language is Best. After that from that day to today we have made more then 200 Infomative Videos. In that 100+ Blog Posts.

We entered to Social Media Facebook and Instagram in January 2019. We entered to Social Media just to promote our Youtube Videos. But after creating and posting some post in Facebook, we saw growth of Info Mind in that. We just continued that work in both Facebook and Instagram.

We made more then total 500+ post for Social Media at November 2019. We got only 3000+ Page likes on Facebook and 200 Followers on Instagram. Which made us Sad. We just archived all photos in Instagram and Started thinking of growing Info Mind in Instagram. At last after understanding about Instagram, we see growth in it during March 2020.

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